There are two possible sources for your drinking water for your home: personal water from a well or public water dealt with by the city and pumped into your house through existing water facilities. If you wish to treat your faucet water for impurities and want the purest, cleanest drinking water possible it’s crucial to comprehend the distinctions in between well water and city water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not manage well water, so if you have well water you are accountable for evaluating your water and treating it to prevent contamination from germs, infections, and other pollutants like pesticides. Well water contamination is relatively typical– according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) there are countless cases of waterborne severe gastroenteritis every year.

The initial step is to evaluate your well for typical impurities. We provide lots of kinds of qualified lab water tests at Pelican water that test for typical well impurities like coliform germs, tannins, manganese, and nitrates. A well drilling Bowling Green company will be able to give a thorough inspection of your well, so that you don’t miss any possible pollutants.

Based upon your test results you can pursue the appropriate treatment procedure and attire your house with customized water purification systems. With a Pelican Water purification system you can treat typical well issues consisting of nitrate contamination, rotten egg odor, repeating stomach concerns, and liquified minerals. Our Iron & Manganese Water Filter utilizes a four-stage system to oxidize and eliminate iron and manganese. A Whole House Water Filter With UV reduces the effects of coliform germs (consisting of E. Coli) that can penetrate your water from septic systems or animal waste.